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Could the IRS’ YouTube Videos be the Start of Something Big?

In the past few weeks, the Internal Revenue Service has started posting a their videos on YouTube. While the videos themselves aren’t new (in fact most are a couple of months old), the potential here is big for this agency that many Americans love to hate. The short videos focus on everything from charitable contributions […]

Treasury’s New Financial Stability Web Site: Feature Rich, For A Change

The Treasury Department’s new Web site, shares quite a few design features with But that’s where the similarity between this site and a White House Web site ends. A superior Web site, has lots of information on it — something that has largely been lacking from the various White House Web sites […]

The FDA’s Use of Widgets and Why Other Agencies Should Follow

While the Food and Drug Administration may have many internal issues, one thing they get right is how to use widgets effectively. The recent salmonella outbreak in peanut products has prompted the FDA to create a widget that has been embedded across the internet. The approximately 250 by 425 pixel widget conains a plethora of […]